About Us

A Ritch Enterprise, LLC is an African American woman-owned company that offers resource management services—product development, professional development, and business development—for professional leaders, CEO’s, and business owners. Our goal is to see our clients join the ranks of those who maintain in the marketplace a masterful, inviting, and profitable brand, one that goes beyond the branding elements of a business name, a logo, a tagline, packaging, etc.  Our efforts center on helping our clients establish marketplace identity, specifically a social-cultural brand that deals more with the impressions made during engagement with existing and potential stakeholders, including clients, employees, vendors, investors, and even competitors.

What you should know about social-cultural branding

When stakeholders engage with you, whether through written communiqué or a person-to-person encounter, three things tend to happen: 1. your stakeholders rate their interactions as positive or negative, 2. they create a narrative about their experience, and 3. they share their experience with the larger public. Overtime, you and your company are branded with a certain identity that will inevitably impact your bottom-line.

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